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A privacy policy is a legal document whose purpose is to act as legal binding document that serves the interests between two or more parties on the process by which data is to be shared. It serves to direct how data is going to be kept and is a legal document that can be used in case in courts to solve disagreements. In the Australian websites, it is a legal document that shows how we your data is going to be used or kept such as cookies and passwords and if cases emanate that require sharing your data the methods that would be used to do this.

With the increase in counterattacks from various hackers and other individuals, it has come to our attention that we need to perform a thorough agreement with our client on means and ways we share your data. We are a reputable website located at and we would not like to share your data in whatever instance unless in your own directive.We have formulated our policies so that we ensure that we are performing the need and appropriate activities that are needed of us

Our privacy policy is as outlined below:

1. What personal information does our website collect.

The Pro Pest Management Services website does not under any circumstances receive data concerning clients but only that which you give to us, that is, your name and other information that you may use to register into our portals and accounts.

We do not steal information your information under any circumstances. The information that is collected about clients depends on the type of services that clients use and employ on our website. It includes : a. Clients name, address, phone number, date of birth and email address. b. Clients credit or debit card info ,information about clients bank account number, details of your transaction and sort code and other banking information c. Clients desires for particular products or activities when you tell us. d. Your account information such as payment dates of payments owed and attained.

2. How does our website use your information?

The information that we collect from you is held in accordance with applicable laws and regulations in Australia. It may be used fir a number of purposes connected with our business operation and functions, which include:a. Processing your orders or applicationsb.Carrying out credit checking and scoringc. Billing you (unless we have agreed a different method in our services or services related to other organizations or websites)We do not share your data under any circumstances unless otherwise stated.

3.Sharing your information.

We may share your information depending on the circumstances in place.

4.Changes to our privacy policy.

We may change this Privacy Policy from time to time as it seems fit.

Note that by visiting this site and any of its pages you are agreeing to the terms set out above.

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